&multi; **AAPL traders**. Apple is expected to release earnings on the 31st January. Earnings statements cause sudden and drastic changes to Implied Volatility, which cannot be accounted for in our calculator. Please be sure you understand that estimated AAPL option prices after Jan 31 will be inaccurate. More info on how the calculator works

Options Profit Calculator

Options Profit Calculator provides a unique way to view the returns and profit/loss of stock options strategies.

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21st Oct 2015


  • Mobile website improved. Please report any problems.
  • Share your calculations on facebook and twitter or with short-links on forums, email or anywhere else.
  • Now supports .DJX, .SPX, .RUT and more. Another options data source has been added to assist in finding options on indexes.
  • Choose the table's price range by clicking the 'More output options' link under the 'Calculate' button.