Membership features

We're planning on launching a premium members service with extra tools and information to assist you with your trading.

Here are just some of the ideas we're looking at including...

Custom strategies

Create your own strategy calculation by adding more options fields.

Standard deviation overlay

Additional info showing standard deviation lines / percentage probability of price being reached, based on current implied volatility.

Add calculations to portfolio

View the profit or loss on your saved trades at updated prices.

Add anticipated IV changes

If you are expecting IV to rise or fall during your trade, enter the details to see how this affects the P/L chart.

Compare against alternatives

Quickly see the effect of adjusting the strike price, option expiry or spread widths of your strategy.

Download spreadsheet

Download an excel or csv spreadsheet of search results.

Popular searches

See the most popular calculations and trending searches over the week or month.


Members will enjoy the site ad-free.

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